Jennifer Garner Spreads some artistry In Butter Trailer

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There’s nothing better than getting a big slice of your favourite bread, get some butter spread it over the bread the memories but can you remember the film Butter the one with Jennifer Garner and host of other big names? Well here’s a reminder as we now have the films first official trailer! After an eternity in festival land the political satire comedy which has a great cast will now get it’s chance to spread its humour among cinephiles or simply collapse on the floor like a jam sandwich (that’s jelly to Americans).

Butter tells the story of an orphaned young girl Destiny (Yara Shahidi)  who is adopted by a Mid Western middle class couple who finds she has a talent of butter sculpting and she stands in the way of Laura(Jennifer Garner) the wife of philandering former champion Bob (Ty Burrell). Politically the American are heavily into politics and Bob& Laura meant to represent Bill& Hilary Clinton with Destiny the Barack Obama side of things and to get the ‘saxophone’ incident ala Monica Lewinsky we have Olivia Wilde who plays a stripper .

Its been a while since anyone has taken serious interest in a film lead by Garner however with the brand of humour Butter which is very satirical in nature this one should go down well. The surprising thing to come out of this film is Rob Corddry who plays Destiny adopted father (Alicia Silverstone her adopted mother), he seems to be the stand out performance from those who have seen this, which is great at least we know he isn’t playing an obnoxious unfunny character for a change.

Butter doesn’t have a UK&Irish date but you can see it in USA on October 5th, the film also stars Hugh Jackman, Ashley Greene and Kristen Schaal.

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