It’s All About Alice In New Resident Evil:Retribution Featurette

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When it comes franchises based on comic books or in this case popular video games, they will always appeal to those who love the game more than the sophisticated cinephiles. Whilst I do enjoy Resident Evil, I know it won’t win awards, it does however do the trick on being unadulterated escapism and this September Resident Evil: Retribution returns to our screens. Screen Gems has released a new featurette which is all about Alice.

Alice played by Milla Jovovich is back for her fifth attempt to bring down the corporation responsible for the zombie viral outbreak, ‘Umbrella’. In this new video we follow her story through the films that have gone before, getting you ready for the new one. Many people say this franchise should have finished a long time ago, maybe, but this featurette shows how badass Mila Jovovich is when you give her a gun and some zombies coming at her. She’s probably the reason today we still have Resident Evil films are in our cinemas.

Resident Evil:Retribution will arrive in UK&Ireland September 28th, 2 weeks after USA see it, starring Michelle Rodriguez, Sienna Guillory, Oded Fehr, Kevin Durand, Boris Kodjoe, Shawn Roberts, Colin Salmon, Johann Urb and Li Bingbing.

Alice is captured by Umbrella and awakens in the heart of their operation facility; as she moves further in the complex more of her past is unveiled and continues to hunt for those responsible for the outbreak. Her quest takes her and her newfound allies from Tokyo to New York, Washington, D.C. and Moscow. After a “mind-blowing” revelation, she is forced to rethink everything she once thought to be true