Is Jim Carey About To ‘Kick Ass’In Kick-Ass 2:Balls To Walls?

With Jeff Wadlow’s Kick Ass 2 : Balls To Walls starting to make pace the potential cast is starting to shape nicely. As expected original cast members Aaron Johnson, Chloe Moretz, Christopher Mintz-Plasse are all ready to provide filmland with there crazy brutal alternative version to the superhero and there’s a big cameo/smaller role list to be filled and one of those roles maybe filled by rubber faced Jim Carey!

Carey is a massive fan of Vaughn’s 2010 film  with Deadline reporting Warner Bros have a wish list with Carey’s name on it and to play The Colonel one of the bigger (smallish) roles. Colonel Stars is a ex-mafia member who becomes a born again Christian as well as a costumed vigilante who helps to form Justice Forever league a group formed to fight evil especially Red Mist *spoilerish** Now renamed ‘The Motherfucker’. It’s a bit of a risky part for Carey however it’s a part that would let him shine on his comical talents and would nail this part with ease, I’m not one of these film fans who say his last comic book venture with The Riddler was a great one, that Batman film overall was terrible.

As per usual this is unconfirmed, no deals confirmed however if he does join might give Kick Ass 2 an extra funny edge. Carey would be joining other new editions Donald Faison and John Leguizamo (Dr. Gravity and Javier ), British actor Robert Emms will be the films Antman type character Insect Man. Morris Chestnut (V) will also be a new face however an original film character, as he’ll play Marcus Williams, Hit-Girl’s guardian there’s even a possiblity that Nicholas Cage could make a cameo return but it’s all rumours! Kick-Ass 2:Balls To Walls is set for July 19th 2013 UK&Irish release date, so are you ready to Kick-Ass next summer?La la la la laaaa We are!

source Deadline