Is It All Over For Caped Crusader On Film? Batman To Star In Justice League?

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With The Dark Knight Rises starting to slide down the Box Office charts, is this the end of the Caped Crusader on our big screens? With the talk in DC comicbook quarters now focusing on the long overdue Justice League film which is coming 2015 and now going into direct competition with Avengers 2 the caped crusader could be inline to take up his JLA membership.

According to Batman On Film, with Justice League the studio’s next big project after Man Of Steel they hope to use the film as a launch pad to give the teams characters their own film which means we’ll have a new Batman sooner than we think. The news maybe greeted with some caution however Green Lantern fans at the moment might be the only happy people as a rebooted Green Lantern is in the pipeline. Even Superman himself is not safe as he might find himself in another new incarnation even before Zack Synder’s film is released a film that the director denies is a Justice League Project.

It now seems the ball is rolling  very slowly for this project but I’m sure fans are just grateful it’s finally moving. The recent talk has all been about who will direct Ben Affleck?No Wachowski Brothers possibly. DC seem to be taking an opposite approach to superhero films than Marvel by introducing them all first as a team then splitting off into separate films. Will the talk of rebooting Batman so soon after Christopher Nolan reboot might be on a bit of a sensative side for some but Reboots, sequels and prequels give Hollywood what they want….$$$ money like it or not We’re going to be hearing about a lot of movies getting this treatment with years to come.

source: Batman On Film