May 29, 2023

“I Lost My Ship” New Clip For P.T Anderson’s The Master


Oh Joaquin Phoenix is a silly boy! The clips keep coming for Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master and the anticipation for this film just rises up a notch per new clip or trailer and the new clip is certainly the most obscure of the lot!

In The Master Philip Seymour Hoffman plays Lancaster Dodd a World War 2 veteran who is haunted by his experiences who decides to start his own religion in the 1950′s a Hopelessly Inquisitive man, who manipulates A young drifter Freddie (Joaquin Phoenix) to join him. Freddie becomes Lancaster’s right hand man however as times goes by and the faith gathers a big following, Freddie starts to question that faith and the man he calls his mentor.

The new clip called ‘I Lost My Ship’ which sees Joaquin Phoenix running down an abandoned pier to be confronted by two Navy officers who direct Phoenix to ‘Pier 39’. The scene of the exhausted Phoenix running does bring a sense of chaos into the equation but as the scene doesn’t make much sense it’s also a blanket of mystery too making this one of this years most eager releases. What this clip does do is promote the current tour around the USA for the film which is in San Francisco, touring as a 70mm film and the word on the street is the cinematography is amazing!

The Toronto Festival bound The Master will arrive in UK&Ireland November 9th (September 14th  USA). The film also stars Amy Adams, Laura Dern, David Warshofsky, Rami Malek, Jesse Plemons, Madisen BeatyJoshua Close and Fiona Dourif.


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