Does Daddy’s Girl Have “a particular set of skills” too? Taken 2 UK Trailer 2

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Few days ago we learned if you confront Bryan Mills, your good as dead in the U.S Trailer today we find out does Daddy’s Girl Have “a particular set of skills” too? Watch Taken 2 UK 2nd Trailer. Liam Neeson returns as ex-CIA man Bryan Mills, in the film the solidified Neeson as top notch action star, film fans wanted more and this October that wish will come true!

As they saying goes, your past comes back to haunt you and in Bryan Mills case it certainly does as the family of the men Mills killed en-route to find his daughter in Paris seek revenge. Whilst working in Istanbul, Turkey Mills is joined by his daughter (Maggie Grace), ex-wife (Famke Janssen) and whilst enjoying some time those men seeking revenge, the Albanian mafia kidnap lenore (Janssen) and the nightmare starts over again.

Looking at the trailer it looks like Mills also finds himself kidnapped but as he’s a man with a particular set of skills he escapes and once again he’s on the warpath to free his ex-wife. It does also look like daddy’s little girl Kim may have learned a few of those skills too as we see her flee from the mafia. When we get an unexpected like Taken there’s always the worry the sequel may not match the intense level or even go one better however on the evidence of the latest trailer there’s more action and bigger bodycount so things are looking exciting!

Taken 2 will arrive in UK&Irish cinemas from October 5th, film also stars Rade Šerbedžija.