Cupcakes To Megan Fox’s Bazooms, This Is 40 Trailer Two!

To be or not to be” that is a infamous question asked in Shakespeare’s Hamlet it is also the question is This Is 40 a sequel to Knocked Up? Sort of, watch the new second trailer.

Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann reprise their Knocked Up roles as Peter & Debbie a couple approaching the big 4-0 finding themselves in a mid-life rut. The new trailer is a lot funnier than the trailer we got away back in April, you really do get a sense of the funny moments and with this been a Judd Apatow it wouldn’t be the same without a few awkward moments. ‘This is not Just There Story’ is a slogan they do use for this film and in a way it’s true as many couples of all ages can relate to what Peter & Debbie are going through, from the talk of wanting to kill each other, the frustrations, but most of all there growing old together. Reaching a momentous age like 40  they always say life either starts or goes downhill from there and when Megan Fox appears only in her undies Debbie just wishes she had her ‘Bazooms’!

The Ironic thing is this is another Judd Apatow  who seems to be involved in virtually every comedy that comes out but people just don’t seem to get tired of his films. This one is heartfelt, less crude but it’s still a Apatow film, a dramedy and if you liked his previous film Five Year Engagement, your bound to love This Is 40.

This is 40 has a new UK&Irish release date of February 14th 2013 with USA getting this December 21st. The film also stars Jason Segel, , Melissa McCarthy, Lena Dunham, Chris O’Dowd, Charlyne Yi, Albert Brooks and John Lithgow

Source: Yahoo! Movies