Ben Affleck To Direct Justice League Film?

They may have one of the oldest comic book characters and the most successful comicbook character in Superman & Batman but when it comes to success at the box office Marvel Entertainment is edging ahead overall. Marvel now have 3 teams that have made films (Fantastic 4, X-Men, The Avengers), so it’s been no surprise DC Entertainment have been determined to bring there super team to our big screens, The Justice League and Warner Bros want Ben Affleck to direct!

According to Variety Warner Bros have approached the actor come director to sit down around the table  to dish out a deal so he could direct the long awaited project to bring the supergroup which is DC’s Answer to The Avengers. The news of Affleck been Warner Bros’ favourite may shock a few people however he is finishing off Argo for the studio and brought some financial success with The Town and Gone Baby Gone did bring success in the Awards season of 2007, so he is director the studio trust and understand the way he works too.  What is a surprise is it’s only a few years ago Ben Affleck wasn’t even been taken seriously as a actor but now he is highly regarded as one of the best young directors in the business today.

With the box office success of The Avengers it’s no surprise that Warner Bros. have finally started to take strides in a project which has been moving at a snail’s pace for a long time which will cheer up the long suffering support for this project. Justice League consists of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and the Flash.The question is will Batman and even Superman be in this film and if they are will it be Christian Bale, Henry Cavill  or 2 stand in actors to confuse everyone?Warner Bros have the rights of the characters which is good news for them but what character would Ben Affleck play as he only directs films he stars in? Will it be a costumed character or government type human character? With Christopher Nolan of the running for the director could we see Nolan come onboard in some executive capacity maybe help Affleck develop the story and probably keep the current trend of real and gritty as seen in Dark Knight Trilogy and one been continued in Zack Synder’s Man Of Steel( a film Affleck was in running for to direct)?

With Joss Whedon committing himself to The Avengers 2 Warner Bros will be wanting to get someone in place very soon even though 2015 been the targeted release date. If it’s Ben Affleck it will probably take Affleck out of alot of director gigs though there maybe a chance to do a few acting jobs like Repay. Based on a 1987 Ken Grimwood novel about  a man who dies and is able to relive his life again and again, changing partners and professions each time. So is it Ben Affleck to direct Justice League? Love to know your thoughts by leaving them in the comments box below.

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