A Storm Is Coming Mr Wayne! New IMAX THE DARK KNIGHT RISES TV Spot

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A storm is coming Mr Wayne!“, The fun keeps continuing in Gotham City as we tick off another day as we step closer to THE DARK KNIGHT RISES and tonight we celebrate with another new TV Spot one promoting the films IMAX release. Imax cinemas from London, Birmingham to  Glasgow the sales of the tickets will be selling fast and probably sold out for opening weekend in 13 days time. Ironically I’ve never experienced a film in IMAX but I’ve always said I’ll try and with James Cameron the ambassador of 3D you can say Christopher Nolan is the ambassador of IMAX with the first 2 Batman films both made for IMAX screens especially (Batman Begins remastered) so what better reason do I need to see this one!

The new tv spot is epic in nature but is mostly footage we’ve seen apart from a few quick shots of Bane. Selina Kyle hint’s Bruce Wayne ‘A storm in coming’, is it some reference to Gotham’s reckoning Bane? who adds his own line of “we will destroy Gotham. Let the games begin”. Whatever it is you can bet The Peoples Movies joins millions of cinephiles worldwide in the anticipation of seeing the caped crusader the dark knight himself  Batman on our screens for one more time, Legend Ends….

Starring Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman, Anne Hathaway, Marion Cotillard, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Caine  and  Morgan FreemanThe Dark Knight Rises is released in cinemas and IMAX July 20th.

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source: Yahoo Movies.