“Are You ready Rookie?” Ready for a Blood Soaked Dredd Clip?

“Are You ready Rookie?” Ready for a Blood Soaked Dredd Clip? We’re Ready! Comic Con 2012 saw the first screening of the film and the word from San Diego is good! This is great news for us 2000AD core fans who where worried that the film may not be true to it’s original source 2000AD comic book. Now we can rest easily knowing that we have what looks the first true vision of our favourite futuristic anti-hero Judge (Joe) Dredd and finally wash away the nightmare of Sly Stallone awful 1995 version.

To really get us in the mood for the film which is only 7 weeks away from release Lionsgate have released an awesome new red band clip from the film. The clip shows our man breaking into a apartment which is full of  gun wielding junkies who smoking a few of those slo-mo drugs the reality altering drug thats causing havoc in Mega City one.Dredd been Dredd there’s only one way to deal with these punks is lay waste into them with bullets and what we get is an engaging and explosive blood soaked ending for the Junkies!

Judgement will be coming to UK&Ireland September 7th.

DREDD 3D – Exclusive Clip Debut – Watch, Share & Enter to Win! Published via LongTail.tv

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