Irish Creature Feature GRABBERS Gets full Trailer!

Irish Creature Feature GRABBERS Gets full Trailer!

When it comes to Irish films they seem to be a little stereotypical, lots of booze and comedy but would you include Creature features? No but now you can as the full trailer for Jon Wright’s GRABBERS. 

The film made it’s U.K debut back in June at this years Edinburgh Film Festival (world premier Sundance) and left with some really positive reviews but now the film has 2 important dates coming up next month, it’s Irish cinema release and a second U.K appearance this time at the mighty Film4 Frightfest (the 13th). Starring Richard Coyle, Russell Tovey and Ruth Bradley, the film is been described as ‘Father Ted meets Aliens’ even ‘The Guard meets Tremors’ with those quotes you can see why people are buzzing about this comedy horror. You could say this is Ireland’s homage to HP Lovecraft with a big doze of Irish hospitality and laughs with Tremors invited along.

We caught the film at Edinburgh Film Festival , read our review and check out the films new poster  below. No UK or USA release dates, August 10th will be the official Irish release date and on August 23rd the film will appear at Film4 Frightfest.

Something sinister has come to the shores of Erin Island, unbeknownst to
the quaint population of this sleepy fishing village resting somewhere
off Ireland’s coast. First, some fishermen go missing. Then there is the
rash of whale carcasses suddenly washing up on the beach. When the
murders start, it’s up to two mismatched cops–an irresponsible alcoholic
and his new partner, a by-the-book woman from the mainland–to protect
the townsfolk from the giant, bloodsucking, tentacled aliens that prey
upon them. Their only weapon, they discover, is booze. If they want to
survive the creatures’ onslaught, everyone will have to get very, very

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