Happy Birthday Stanley Kubrick! Watch 2001 Trailer As it would Like Today

Yesterday I celebrated my own birthday but today would have been a birthday for a iconic film maker, Stanley Kubrick. March 1999 we lost a master of cinema  and if he was still with us he would have been 84 today, thankfully his film live on and cinephiles world wide appreciate what he has brought to cinema. The question film fans, critics will always ask and in this case Stanley Kubrick, what would there films be like if they where still with us?

Film School Rejects have one possible answer, taking one of Kubrick’s iconic cult films 2001 Space Odyssey recreating the original film trailer, giving it a 21st century makeover and we have to say we’re impressed. In the 54 years since the film had it’s cinematic release marketing films has had revolution on how you promote new films has went from simple solutions to sophisticated solutions using every technology available. Kubrick would probably would not agree with how films are marketed these days unless he had complete control in his hey day, makes you think if he was alive how would films be market? Enjoy and Happy Birthday Stanley Kubrick!

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