June 8, 2023

“Out Here I’m God” – Watch New Gangster Squad International Trailer


From Zombies to Dumb pizza boys Ruben Fleischer has seen the good and bad sides of comedy, this November he takes a serious route when  it’s all G-Boys and Gangsters trigger happy style in New  Gangster Squad International Trailer. Despite the few images and the films American trailer the film has been fairly quiet but with a certain convention coming up from Tomorrow over in USA (Comic Con) there’s a good chance we will be hearing more and more about this film.

Based on Paul Lieberman’s book set in 1949 the film stars Josh Brolin a former cop who returns from military service in World War 2  and goes to Los Angeles to lead a task force to take on the organised crime creeping into LA from East coast lead by mobster linchpin Mickey Cohen (Sean Penn).

Gangster Squad new trailer does show off some new footage mixed in with the footage from the first trailer re-edited in a way  making this one worth a look. Though I enjoyed both trailer there just seems to something with this new trailer which draws you in making it an engaging and Sean Penn looks superb as the very sly Cohen who has some great dialogue like “Back East I was a gangster; out here, I’m God.”  a line that you may not expect from a director whose made a name in comedy, more a veteran director like Coppola or Scorese. Watching this trailer it seems Nick Nolte is Fleischer’s Bane as I can’t seem to understand what he’s saying!

Gangster Squad will released in UK&Ireland November 9th (September 9th, USA) and has a fantastic cast of Ryan Gosling, Patrick Stewart, Emma Stone, Anthony Mackie, Nick Nolte, Bryan Cranston, Michael Pena, Giovanni Ribisi!

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