Feature – Top Ten Movie Dressing Gowns

Studio Canal and the ICO are very pleased to announce that they will be bringing back to the big screen the underrated and long unseen WOMAN IN A DRESSING GOWN, a powerful and progressive drama that follows the turmoil caused when a husband of 20 years tells his wife he is leaving her for a younger woman.

In a new feature to celebrate the film’s recent limited re-release we have this cool little feature celebrating the lost classic of British social cinema, the dressing gown here represents the

Yvonne Mitchell in WOMAN IN A DRESSING GOWN (1957)

Jeff Bridges in THE BIG LEBOWSKI (1998)
No-one has ever made the dressing gown look so comfortable outside of the home as The Dude in The Big Lebowski. Accessorize ideally with a pint of milk.

Sylvester Stallone in ROCKY (1976)
OK, so not strictly speaking a dressing gown, but since Sly immortalized the silk number in Rocky, they do a healthy trade on Ebay reinvented as a man’s dressing gown….

Catherine Deneuve in BELLE DE JOUR (1967)
In comparison with Woman in a Dressing Gown, Deneuve’s lonely housewife finds liberation in her dressing gown as she leads a double life as a classy prostitute in Bunuel’s masterpiece, with costumes designed by Yves Saint Laurent.

Marlene Dietrich in DESIRE (1936)
This outrageous fur-lined dressing gown, designed by Travis Branton would never be countenanced today for the sheer number of furry animals that must have died for it to exist… Sheer 1930s glamour.

Brad Pitt in FIGHT CLUB (1999)
How can anyone in a teapot dressing gown, wearing red shades with a fag dangling from their mouth, look this good?

Lauren Bacall in THE BIG SLEEP (1946)
This beautiful silk dressing gown was just one of a series of fabulous costumes Bacall wears in the classic film noir that reunited her onscreen with her now-husband Humphrey Bogart.

Bill Murray in LOST IN TRANSLATION (2003)
Director Sophia Coppola thought it would be funny to see Bill Murray in a tiny Japanese kimono**, and the outfit subsequently graced the movie poster.
**Admittedly, not really a dressing gown

Dennis Price in KIND HEARTS & CORONETS (1949)
In the classic Ealing comedy, this sumptuous “house coat” is worn by the ultimate social-climber, Louis Mazzini, and leaves us in no doubt that he dresses like a Duke, even if he has to kill to actual become one…

Robert Downey Jr in SHERLOCK HOLMES (2009)
A more recent addition to the pantheon of movie dressing gowns, an interesting creation, as sported by the world’s most popular detective

Woman In Dressing Gown will be released on DVD for The First Time On August 13th, Woman In A Dressing Gown On DVD [1957]