19 April 2024

Extended Comic-Con Trailer For Walking Dead Season 3!

2010 was an momentous year for The Peoples Movies as it was the year the site became a dot.com and as our readership rose so did what we brought you on the site.This was the year we started bringing you festival coverage and comic con from San Diego and a little unknown post apocalyptic comic book was about to make it’s first public appearance before it arrived on TV that show is The Walking Dead. 2 years on we eagerly wait the 3rd series coming this October/November and Comic Con 2012 has now up the ante for the new series by releasing the extended trailer for Walking Dead Season 3!

*Spolier Alert – I know in UK&Ireland Season 2 was shown first on FX however not everyone has that channel so Season 2 is currently playing on Channel 5 so beware of spoilers  if you continue to read!*

The trailer appeared online yesterday but thanks to proxies those codes that prevent you watching certain videos in certain countries but thankfully tonight a version of the trailer has now appeared online. Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincon), leading those survivors left from the farm after it was overran by the dead leading them to the prison we got a glimpse at end of Season 2 but as the trailer previews if the prison is to become their haven there’s a bit cleaning out those walkers before it becomes home sweet home. The new trailer also reveals a lot of footage of Michone (Danai Gurira) with Andrea(Laurie Holden) who meet another new character The Governor (David Morrissey) who happens to look after something Rick&co have been looking for a longtime.

The Walking Dead Season 3 is set for October 14th USA premiere with the UK&Irish date still to be confirmed

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