DVD Review: Project X


Directed by Nima Nourizadeh and written by Matt Drake, Project X follows a group of high school boys as they plan and throw a party which takes place at one of the teenagers’ parents’ home while they are away for the weekend. As the party escalates in size it equally does so in wreaking havoc on the surrounding neighbourhood.

Project X is blatantly derived from the infamous Australian boy whose party got just slightly out of hand a few years ago. Filmed in a mockumentary, hand-held camera style; it suffers from poor characterisation and a sparse and deeply unfunny script. What are shown are endless scenes of lewd behaviour, animal cruelty and a scene involving a midget who is shoved into an oven and then later escapes and gives a punch to anyone standing in his way.

This is supposed to be humorous, but it just isn’t. The attitude these kids have makes the viewer feel no sympathy for them. If the crude scenes depicted actually came with a good script this may work, but to merely show a succession of pointless, meaningless settings involving gratuitous nudity with no likeable character to root for leaves the viewer unengaged, and in my case, rather angry at how dull it all is.
The acting sees forced and the dialogue is awful. What seems like a build up to a big finish also disappoints, as when the parents return their attitude is also so uneventful. Project X isn’t just a bad film, it’s offensive to comedy and cinema in general.

Sophie Stephenson
Rating: 18
UK DVD/BD Release Date: 2nd July 2012
Directed by:Nima Nourizadeh
Cast:Thomas Mann, Oliver Cooper, Jonathan Daniel Brown, Alexis Knapp
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