Destructive Teaser Trailer For Studio Ghibli’s Live Action Short ‘God Warrior’

Destructive Teaser Trailer For Studio Ghibli’s Live Action Short ‘God Warrior’

Studio Ghibli probably the most recognizable Japanese Animation studio in the world, they need no introduction their films are adored worldwide. The studio have joined forces with the creators of Evagelion to create God Warrior Appears In Tokyo (Kyoshinhei Tokyo ni Arawaru), the iconic studio’s first foray into live action and a trailer has appeared online , we have to say we’re impressed!

Evangelion director Hideko Anno is directing with Studio Ghibli producing the short film (running just under 10 minutes mark) has been created for an animation exhibition focussing on special effects at  the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo. The design of the Warrior is inspired by Nausicaa The Valley of The Wind (Anno was a key animator)with the film created using no CGI which is unusual in this day and age especially considering the film’s genre usually known for its heavy usage of CGI. They have used a technique called Tokusatsu which basically means they used miniature models in the way they used to do in the old school creature feature/sci-fi films like Godzilla.

No word if the film will be shown online,but if your fortunate to be able to visit Tokyo the film will be playing at the exhibition it was created for. Enjoy the impressive trailer and tell me wouldn’t it be great if this became a feature live or animated?

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 source: Anime News Network

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