“We’re Not Worthy” Own A Piece Of Chuck On Blu Ray Release of A FORCE OF ONE

The original “Expendable”, the undisputed toughest guy on the planet and the only man ever to have counted to infinity – twice, the second time
backwards! – World Karate Champion turned actor Chuck Norris stars in this classic, groundbreaking US kung fu movie, now on Blu-ray for the
first time….A FORCE OF ONE.

A routine investigation by a crack team of undercover narcotic agents becomes anything but when a deadly assassin begins to eliminate the members of the squad one by one. In a desperate bid to identify the culprit, and to train its officers in the martial arts in order to defend themselves, the police force attempts to enlist the help of Matt Logan, a noted karate champion.

Initially reluctant to become involved in any way, Logan soon changes his mind when his adopted son becomes the villain’s latest victim. Driven by sheer vengeance, he vows to track down the psychotic serial killer and bring the reign of terror to an end in a climactic battle between good and evil.

It’s a Chuck Norris movie and, finally, in Hi-Def for the very first time! If this isn’t what Hi-Def was invented for then we really don’t know what is. We thought Chuck was actually in the room with us. What more do you want? This is a guy capable of slamming a revolving door and is so fast he can run around the world and punch himself in the back of the head. One of Chuck’s first real starring outings, ‘A Force Of One’ was the first Hollywood movie to bring a full contact karate bout to the screen and, if you look really closely, there’s a scene in which Chuck actually makes a Happy Meal cry (okay, we lied about that last bit).

Apart from good  Chuck, A Force Of One also stars , screen beauty Jennifer O’Neill (Scanners), cult 1980s horror icon Clu Gulager (Piranha 3DD; A Nightmare On Elm Street Part 2; The Return Of The Living Dead) and legendary kickboxer Bill Wallace (The Protector)with Oscar-winning screenwriter Ernest Tidyman (The French Connection; Shaft) scripting .So kids you wondering why your dads and uncles are so excited about The Expendables 2? Well on August 6th on Blu Ray you will be treated to a real lesson in martial arts and good old slobber knocker action, this August your eduction will begin!

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A Force of One (1979) – Official Trailer | Digitally Remastered | HD 720p | Chuck Norris Published via LongTail.tv


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