Robots On The Run In THE PROTOTYPE Trailer From Act Of Valour Team

Probably because of the nature of the film Act Of Valour that the film arrived in UK unnoticed and left without anyone even knowing about its release, so its no surprise the film did better stateside. The team behind the the film Act of Valour(Bandito Brothers.) may have just found a film that may just get them better success in blighty with The Prototype and the first trailer has arrived online.

The Prototype tells the story of an escaped experimental humanoid robot, though we do see a District 9 type storyline going on here possibly a little more a film with a double bluff. Act of Valor had a $12million budget but this one $40million suggesting there’s more faith in this film and suggestions this one may well be the next District 9. The film stars Joseph Mawle (Abraham Lincon Vampire Hunter), Neal McDonagh (Captain America) and Anna Anissimova (The Whistleblower) all star. There’s not much information on the film at the moment but what we’re seeing from this trailer we may have a very good tense thriller to look forward too and the word is this will be bought for distribution after 4th July hopefully with summer 2013 been hopefully the films release!

THE PROTOTYPE – TEASER V.3 from Andrew Will on Vimeo.