The Original American Ninja Chuck Norris THE OCTAGON Been Re-Released This August!

Yesterday we told you about the toughest s.o.b in the world Chuck Norris and the release of his classic film A Force Of One been released on Blu-Ray . He is an idol to many dads, brothers, many male members of families worldwide and thanks to Anchor Bay once more August is a great time to be a fan of the original Expendable, the original American Ninja which sees the second classic Norris film coming to Blu-Ray for the first time, THE OCTAGON.

Scott James is a man haunted by memories, eerie flashbacks that plague both his waking and sleeping hours. The first is a childhood memory relating to the intense and rigorous combat training he and his best friend endured under the guidance of a mysterious martial arts master. The second is a far more painful recollection of loss, and one that has turned Scott away from his former life. But when a wealthy heiress convinces him to enter the fray once more, Scott finds himself drawn into an international terrorist organisation consisting of deadly ninjas, at the head of which is a close acquaintance from his past. Now it is up to Scott to confront his worst fears and battle a former adversary in the ultimate ninja showdown.

As far as we are concerned, the only way to improve a Chuck Norris movie is to introduce ninjas into the mix and show us the goods in Hi-Def. This Blu-ray release does both. Throw in a bizarre voice-over expressing Chuck’s inner thoughts and we’re talking all-time-fave Chuck madness. A major cult favorite amongst fans of 1980s martial arts flicks, this was one of the first US films to exploit the ancient art of the ninja and spawned countless imitators, but none ever came close to its all round awesomeness. It’s also notable as being the vehicle for Richard Norton’s acting debut. And if you thought Chuck couldn’t be a ninja, then beware. He’s right behind you. Go ahead; take a look. It’ll be the last thing you’ll ever see.

The Octagon also stars  Lee Van Cleef (Escape From New York; The Good, The Bad And The Ugly),cult genre movie icon Art Hindle (Black Christmas; Porky’s; Invasion Of The Body Snatchers), karate expert and bodyguard to the stars Richard Norton (Force: Five; China O’Brien) in his acting debut, prolific character actor Tracey Walter (I Spit On Your Grave; The Silence Of The Lambs; Batman) in one of his classic “uncredited” roles and Karen Carlson (Dallas). Anchor Bay will release The Octagon on August 6th Pre Order Your Blu-ray copy here

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