Killer Joe – William Friedkin Video Interview

To millions of cinephiles he’s the man who scared the living daylights out of them in the 1970’s with The Exorcist he also help make crime thrillers stylish and cool with French Connection. But since then its been quietly in the background waiting for his moment and this Friday it will arrive in the shape of Killer Joe, step forward William Friedkin and enjoy the video interview with the director himself.

Andrew caught Killer Joe last week at the Edinburgh Film Festival for The Peoples Movies, Cinehouse and heard nothing but praise for it, though I was munching away at Fried Chicken (though not long after it!). Its seems Friedkin has captured the films blend of dark twisted humour, sex, violence with such perfection that would give the old KFC Colonel a heart attack. We may have a scene or scenes that could be potentially be rated up next to the Blue Velvet and Killer Joe is certain to keep people talking long after they’ve seen the film.

Killer Joe stars Matthew McConaughy as ‘Killer’ Joe Cooper a Dallas detective who earns some extra cash on the side as a hitman who is offered a job by Chris (Emile Hirsch) a low life drug dealer. Chris wants his mother (Gina Gershon) knocked off so they can get his hands on her $50,000 life insurance however the problem starts as Joe requires a down payment. Joe has eyes on Chris sister Dottie (Juno Temple) and they use her as the retainer but from here the problems arise and everything is downhill.

Unfortunately due to things beyond our control we were unable to catch up with the director at Edinburgh Film Festival however our friends at HeyUguys (Thanks David!) have come to the rescue and shared their video interview with us. In the interview the iconic director chats about the film, about the sequels to his classic 1973 film The Exorcist but what we love about this interview is when he’s asked about the proposed tv series of the Exorcist his reply is a classic, enjoy!

Killer Joe will be released nationwide this Friday 29th June, read Andrew’s review here

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