Scheduling problems frustrate actors probably the films fans when they read about potential mouth watering casts for upcoming films however they can also be a Godsend at times freeing up actors to star. Back last year when Django Unchained was announced Jonah Hill was one of the cast that Quentin Tarantino wanted onboard his cast he was then scheduling conflicts meant he couldn’t star. Things have happened, scheduling has freed up time and according to Deadline Jonah Hill will join DJANGO UNCHAINED.

It looks quite an unusual move especially as filming has already kicked off with the trailers already  this might look an nervy worrying move  however we knew there was going to be a few 11th hour additions and now we have one.

Originally Hill was due to play Scotty Harmony the person who gifts Django’s wife Broomhilda (Kerry Washington) to Calvin Handie (Leonardo Di Caprio) The part went to Sacha Baron Cohen  who along with Kevin Costner, Kurt Russell have left the cast leaving an opening for Hill to comeback however the report states he won’t be playing Harmony. What part he’ll play we don’t know just yet  but what’s happened recently in success levels for jonah Hill (Moneyball and his most successful comedy hit so far 21 Jump Street) the cameo size part he was originally to play will probably bigger more dramatic.

Django Unchained will arrive in UK&Ireland January 18th 2013 (December 25th USA), catch Jonah Hill next in The Watch which arrives in UK&Ireland August.

Watch UK Trailer for DJANGO UNCHAINED Here