New Images, First Footage From LIFE OF PI

Ang Lee’s 3D adaptation of LIFE OF PI has been clocking up some buzz recently, it’s a film I have no clue about but on the evidence of the new images and the first footage from the film, I will be checking this out. Thanks to the recent launch of the LIFE OF PI’s website we have really cool stylish images which are like watercolour painting style giving you a fantasy dreamlike feel to the film and what we can expect but the star of this film is our giant CGI Bengali Tiger called Richard Parker!? You can see him in his full glory in a short but sweet 10 second  clip which show off his ferocity and a animal you don’t want to mess with as the hyena, zebra, orang-utan found out.CGI seems to rule roost in a lot of parts of films some to the good of the film other times making no sense however Richard Parker does look believable tiger, I’m just curious to know why he’s called Richard Parker!

Based on a award winning novel by Yann Martel LIFE OF PI tells the story of Pi (Suraj Sharma) a 16 year old boy who was immigrating to America with his zookeeper parents only to find the cargo ship their sailing in is wrecked to find himself floating in a lifeboat with only a hyena, zebra, orang-utan and tiger for company. Eventually its only the Tiger and Pi. LIFE OF PI also stars Tobey Maguire, Irrfan Khan, Adil Hussain, and Gerard Depardieu with the film arriving in UK&Ireland December 21st.


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