Face Your Future, Fight Your Past Watch UK Trailer For LOOPER!

Face Your Future, fight your past! In Joseph Gordon Levitt’s case he is fighting his past well Bruce Willis but then again they are the same people, watch the first official UK Trailer for LOOPER!

Looper is set in a future where time travelling is possible with Joseph Gordon Levitt plays Joe a hired gun or ‘Looper’ hitmen or women who travel back in time to where travelling was not possible and execute their targets. When Joe receives a new target he has the task to killing his olderself,Bruce Willis roll on the cat& mouse chase, guns, explosions and action.

The first trailer was all about the time travelling itself  but with this new trailer we get to see more of the story especially Bruce Willis side, overall plenty of fantastic new footage. The trailer does give us a first glimpse at Emily Blunt, Jeff Daniels the co-ordinator of JGL’s time and the violent ‘rainmaker’ character (Garret Dillahunt) who is the main honcho in the future who seems to the real root of the problem. Overall Johnson looks to produced an intriguing intense driven film  and this seems to be the directors first attempt at science fiction and on the evidence of the trailer we have a great action packed start to this Autumn to look forward too!. Tomorrow an American trailer will be online we don’t know how much different they’ll be, but once it arrives you can check out for yourselves.

Looper is set for a September 28th release for UK, Ireland and USA, the film also stars, Paul Dano, Noah Segan, Piper Perabo and is Directed by Rian Johnson.

In the year 2042 time travel has not yet been invented. But in 30 years it will have been.

In Rian Johnson’s highly anticipated sci-fi action thriller, Joe works as a looper, a futuristic assassin who receives and eliminates targets sent back in time by a criminal organisation. The only rule is that you do not let your target escape  even if that target is you.

 LOOPER stars Bruce Willis, Joseph Gordon Levitt and Emily Blunt and is released September 28.

source MSNUK