Drive Creator James Sallis Says Drive Sequel DRIVEN will be adapted To The Big Screen

Drive Creator James Sallis Says Drive Sequel DRIVEN will be adapted To The Big Screen

This time last year the aftermath of the shock of Terrance Malick’s overrated  visualfest Tree Of Life the more exciting buzz coming from Cannes was Nicholas Winding Refn’s DRIVE earning the director a best directors award. Despite the modest returns at the box office the film already gained a cult following pushing Ryan Gosling right to the top of the film ladder confirming his status as leading man  and the director a top notch filmmaker in the eyes of Hollywood.Like any good book come film there will always be cries for a follow up film and the past couple month a second book Driven by James Sallis has been released who says the new book will be a film.

In an interview with The Independent reveals “they love the book” and “”is in the movie pipeline.”  It might not be much but powerful words to say as well from the story’s creator along with proof there is people in the background working to bring this book to the big screen. If this does happen there’s no proof that Winding Refn will direct with Ryan Gosling leading the line again but don’t build your hopes up for a quick turnaround as Drive took about 6 years before it made its way onto the big screen.If Driven is to become a film you can guarantee it won’t be overnight everything from scripts, casting, money and what studio will produce the film.

Driven picks up 7 years after Drive, living now in Phoenix Arizona Driver has a name, Paul West and now engaged to be married. Now with a legit successful business disaster strikes as his finance is attacked by two goons and killed and the driver dispatches the goons. Sinking back into anonymity, with the the aide of his Friend ex-army vet Felix Driver retreats and his past still haunts him and will not stop, making him face his past..

It’s not concrete news but no one is denying what has been said  when it comes from the creator there must be some truth in the matter. Most of the nation maybe in party mood but don’t have this news as a reason to party, a but a reason to smile and play the cool soundtrack once again. If you need a little bit of Ryan Gosling you can also print of your Driver paperdolls!


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