New THE DARK KNIGHT RISES TV Spot Action Packed, Showing Off

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If during the Prometheus marketing campaign you tread with caution by not watching any of the trailers, tv spots until you saw the film it’s looking like a good idea for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES too. A brand new action packed TV Spot has landed online which shows off tons of new footage basically showing half the film before it’s released defeating the purpose of keeping the plot under wraps. Bat fans will love this spot especially as we get a good look at the bat dodging not just bullets but missiles too along with some nice dialogue between Joseph Gordon Levitt and Gary Oldman. I do hope Warner Bros don’t go into overkill in the last couple of weeks revealing too much as I’m hoping to experience my first ever IMAX film and with Nolan stressing this one was made for IMAX, so why not! I’m still not convinced this will be the last Batman film, last Nolan one (though he will probably be involved at executive level).

The Dark Knight Rises stars  Christian Bale,  Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman,Marion Cotillard, Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway, Joseph Gordon-Levitt  and Michael Caine all star, July 20th is B-Day!

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