The Courier is a straight to DVD action movie. It is not really worth your time or your money. Keep reading if you wish but it’s not necessary.

There’s a courier who has to deliver something and he gets caught up in some sort of mystery plot or something like that … It’s somewhat like the Transporter only much much worse. It stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan. You know, that guy who was in that hospital drama Grey’s Anatomy, or House or Doctors or something. You know, the guy from Watchmen. You know, the guy who looks like Javier Bardem. Anyway, he plays a pretty unmemorable character. He also was one of the producers, seemingly trying to launch himself as a major leading action star. The main villain is “played” by Mickey Rourke. I use inverted commas because for most of it you see the back and hands of a stand in and it’s evident that he only did one days filming in which he appears dressed as Elvis (probably his suggestion. Who knows).

Bizarrely this slice of tedium was directed by the critically acclaimed Israeli filmmaker Hany Abu-Assad. It’s his first American film and it’s a shame that he has to work with such a weak script (and boy is it a weak script).

The only good thing about the movie is the presence of Miguel Ferrer. Not that he is particularly good in it, it’s just that watching him brings back memories of his fantastic performances in things as varied as Robocop, Twin Peaks and Hot Shots Part Deux.

The Courier is a truly poor film. It clearly had a minuscule budget, but no matter how much money was thrown at it this would have always been dire.

Harry Davenport

Rating: 18(UK)
UK DVD/BD Release Date: 11th June 2012
Directed by:Hany Abu-Assad
Cast:Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Mickey Rourke, Til Schweiger, Miguel Ferrer
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