Competition: Create Your PROJECT X Party Name From New App Win Film On Blu-Ray


This Monday July 2nd It will be time to party when Warner Bros. release Project X on Blu-ray and DVD. To celebrate this Monday’s release courtesy of Warner Bros. they are offering you the chance to share the exclusive Project X blog app and give away a copy of the film to the Peoples Movies readers!

So How Do You Win Project X On Blu-Ray? Simple Use The new Project X App (see below) then in the comments section below post your party name, comments on the App. There are other activities such as the Party Name Generator and Personality Quiz, so they can submit their results from these in your comments section! The Peoples Movies will Pick one lucky winner to receive a free copy of Project X.! Spread the word about the contest through your favourite social networks  and remember July 15th (2359 hrs), Good luck!

“Project X” follows three seemingly anonymous high school seniors—Thomas, Costa and J.B.—as they attempt to finally make a name for themselves. Their idea is innocent enough: let’s throw a party that no one will forget, and have a camera there, to document history in the making…but nothing could prepare them for this party. Word spreads quickly as dreams are ruined, records are blemished and legends are born. “Project X” is a warning to parents and police everywhere. Pre-Order/Buy PROJECT X On:Triple Play (Extended Cut, Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy) Its Time To Partay..At Yours! PROJECT X Coming To DVD/BluRay July! / DVD Its Time To Partay..At Yours! PROJECT X Coming To DVD/BluRay July!

My Party name is…..Poppa Munter


Please Note you must be aged 18 or over to enter.