Bradley Cooper has ‘Issues’ In First Trailer for SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK

To be honest David O Russell‘s Silver Linings Playbook never really came onto to my radar until a few months ago but I’m glad its now as the first trailer has arrived and Bradley Cooper has ‘issues’. Cooper plays Pat a neurotic man who has has mental issues and has spent the last 4 years of his life in a mental institution now trying to get back into normal life possibly reconcile with ex-wife. Things don’t go just right for him until he strikes a friendship with his neighbour Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence) who just happens to have mental issue too.

This was menat to be another Mark Whalberg/O Russell teaming however scheduling cost The Fighter star to pull out but on evidence of this trailer not a bad replacement. Its great to see Jennifer Lawrence getting another big role a chance to diversify her range of films and prove her part in Winter Bone  was no one hit wonder (though X-Men and The Hunger Games has helped her cause too). Great to see Jacki Weaver play another decent role playing Cooper’s mother, she was astonishing in Animal Kingdom (which is a very underrated film),but most of all this is Cooper’s moment to play one of those parts he’s been crying out for and he looks like he’s pulled off a safe solid performance.

The new trailer  shows off the characters not much on the story however still a few months to go before the film arrives in UK&Ireland that date is November 23rd , 2 days after USA. The film also stars Robert De Niro, Chris Tucker and Julia Styles.

source Yahoo