The Wheels Of The PROMETHEUS Marketing Train Go More More More More! 2 New Featurettes!

The Wheels Of The PROMETHEUS Marketing Train Go More More More More! 2 New Featurettes!

We’re hoping very shortly to hear if we can enjoy next weeks Press screening of Ridley Scott’s PROMETHEUS and we’re all so excited that the big release day in UK&Ireland is only 1 week away (2 weeks USA). The marketing train for the film was very slow at moving first but soon as as the first trailer arrived it’s been an endless number trailers, clips, tv spots and featurettes leaving you a little concerned that things might get a tad spoiled for the big day.

This morning we have even more new videos in the shape of 2 new featurettes, which do contain new footage but some really cool new behind the scenes footage too. First featurette focuses on Holloway played by Logan Marshall Green who tells us a little about his character, in the way Charlize Theron told us about Meredith Vickers a few days before. The second spot has Sir Ridley , Guy Pearce plus a few others (Charlize theron Ridley Scott her fantasy director)talking about the expectations and how the 3D in Prometheus has taken the use of the technology to another level, let’s hope it has we’re still waiting to be convinced 3D is the future even of film studios believed it happened a few years ago.

As usual now when anything Prometheus appears online tread with caution there could be spoilers then there might not be, if your concerned wait until you see the film and then watch everything at once! Prometheus stars Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron, Patrick Wilson, Idris Elba, Guy Pearce, and Logan Marshall-Green.

Source: ComingSoon

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