Watch New 4 Minute Preview Clip For THE DICTATOR

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How kind has our most generous leader been to his minions? Too kind! With one day to go until Our most glorious Leader Admiral General Aladeen’s film The Dictator will arrive in the west and his excellency has released a 4 minute preview clip for our enjoyment.

Despite the slight change of direction from mock doc to a straight up feature fans of the British actor will embrace General Aladeen with open arms as they did for Borat and Bruno. The same brand of humour is still there just now Sacha Baron Cohen has to use a little more of his acting chops instead of his usual improvisational skills. The new clip is actually the extension of ‘The Helicopter clip’ which has been seen in previous footage showing his love for ‘fireworks’ around The Empire State Building as well as 9-11 joke from the recent red band trailer. If it’s controversy, borderline insensitive humour which a few years ago probably wouldn’t have made the big screen The Dictator will be right up your street, if you are of the easily offend nature you might want to avoid this one

Ben Kingsley, John C. Reilly, Anna Faris, Megan Fox, B.J. Novak, Kevin Corrigan, J.B. Smoove, Aasif Mandvi  all star with The Dictator arriving tomorrow  in  UK&Ireland May 16th 2012. ‘Death To The West’!

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