A Behind The Scenes Look At THE WALKING DEAD Season 3!

Depending how fortunate you are to have Digital TV you will already know those fans of THE WALKING DEAD just watching for the first time on channel 5 (Monday’s at 10pm) you’ll know there in for a fantastic 13 weeks intense nail biting with close shaves, new faces,some old, lots of zombies, hidden secrets, hard choices. As you enjoy or simply enjoy once more season 2 of The Walking Dead, Season 3 is already been shot for release later this year and Andrew Lincon (Rick Grimes) it will be “Darker, harder, faster, deeper.” Promising that the new season will be like nothing you’ve seen before now thats what we like to hear!

Below is a behind the scenes featurette from its traditional Atlanta location and you’ll hear about Season 2 with it’s tie-ins from season 2.so if your watching the Channel 5 Season 2 screenings I would suggest you miss this one out for now at least so you won’t spoil the fun of what lies ahead.

source dreadcentral