Is Rihanna About To Go Under Your Bonnet, Ella Ella Ella For FAST AND FURIOUS 6?

As the ‘shit’ still floats on the water at the UK box office disguising itself as a film called Battleship it seems one of it’s cast maybe pooping into a established film franchise according to The Daily Mail. The newspaper is reporting Singer turned actress Rihanna is about exchange the poop deck for a seat behind the wheel of a fancy sports car in Fast And Furious 6 aka Fast 6.

After the unexpected success of the last film Justin Lin has been been attempting to gather a strong cast as well as empowering that cast with female actresses capable to holding there own fort in a franchise that predominately male orientated. Already we’ve hear MMA /Haywire Star Gina Carano is in talks to possibly join the cast but according to an ‘unknown source’ at Universal Pictures they were impressed by her acting performance in Battleshit Battleship they want to see more that she could be in line to play Fast and Furious 6’s villain.

An inside source told the Sun, ‘Rihanna impressed with her acting debut in Battleship. Writers think she’ll be perfect for the role. Her character has plenty of bite and doesn’t take any prisoners — just like her in real life.’ The source continued, ‘It’s a step up the ladder for her and could lead to bigger action roles.

As you’ll notice that ‘source’ has told the Sun newspaper (Daily Mail part of same news group) which has the same reputation as a convicted criminal, untrustworthy so we must tread with caution especially when no one from Universal Pictures has confirmed or denied the rumours.

As for what Film 6 will be all about is unknown at this stage but what we know is the new film is heading to London and Berlin with Vin Disel, Paul Walker  along with Dwayne Johnson all returning. If your one of the hundreds of film goers that head for the exit as soon as the end credits role you’ll probably missed the post credits scene which showed the return of Michelle Rodriguez as Letty (who died) could suggest Lin which could suggest the girls of the film will have a bigger role and one thing Rihanna did prove in Battleshit Battleship she was able to hold her own.

Maybe it’s just the films that are been chosen for them or film studios are fooled by the fact Sports stars, pop singers maybe pulling in the $$$ in their line of work doesn’t mean they can pull off acting and do the same in film. Actors are for film, pop singers are for stage very few can pull it off majority are only hopeful cash cows, Samantha Mumba aka Time Machine anyone? Who? Exactly!

source The Daily Mail