Our most glorious Leader Admiral General Aladeen Host’s New York Press Conference For THE DICTATOR

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Our most glorious Leader Admiral General Aladeen made an insightful, dynamic, and vital appearance at a press conference in New York to promote THE DICTATOR. I have been asked, as his most humble servant to share new video footage of this event. As you’ll see from the 4 minute plus report our great leader  faces “the devils of the Zionist media,” along with the “journalists and their prostitutes” in the surroundings of Waldorf Astoria.

It’s funny, uneasy, one joke was lost in translation, Sacha Baron Cohen is one of those actors who seems to get away with murder politically, socially  and probably more unwelcome in certain parts of the world than author Salman Rushdie is due to his brand of parody humour. I loved Borat, found it hard to enjoy Bruno though it had its moments  but The Dictator will be the actor’s biggest challenge as its not in the style of a mockamentary plus going by the trailers he looks like he’ll touch a few nerve endings of the critics!

Directed by long time collaborator Larry Charles (Borat, Brüno), The Dictator hits UK cinemas on Wednesday 16 May and stars also Ben Kingsley, John C. Reilly, Anna Faris, Megan Fox, B.J. Novak, Kevin Corrigan, J.B. Smoove, Aasif Mandvi

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