G.I JOE RETALIATION Pushed Back To March 2013

If your one of the millions AND millions of the Rock’s fans looking forward to seeing the great layeth the smacketh down on the candy asses of G.I JOE RETALIATION this August I’m afraid Paramount Pictures has some bad news for you as the film’s release has been pushed back to 2013!

It is a big surprising move for Paramount to make especially at the amount of money they’ve already splashed out especially on those exclusive Super Bowl spots away back in February. So Why are they doing it? 3D! Yes the most hated word at The Peoples Movies HQ and I’m sure many fellow cinephiles too, Paramount are claiming the move is to give the film the best retrofit 3D treatment as possible. Clash Of The Titans Paramount? Obviously the studio hasn’t looked at what happened to that film, if anything its more good for Paramount and $$$ to get more cash from us as 3D ticket prices are already too expensive even less films offering if any decent 3D so why should i pay more? It seems Paramount are using the recent Titanic 3D as the example of why the film been delayed, you just have to look at how that sunk at the box office plus the 3D post conversion done by Jim Cameron was nothing special either.

When you look at this news those fans looking forward to this film will be angry, the marketing will stop arrived back Christmas time, those who were interested will probably not interested or even interested in 3D post conversion either. All the good work Paramount did so far to convince those who weren’t believers in this film give up on the film all together, wasting even more money for nothing. This looks more a scheduling problem especially stateside with the film due to come out June 29th between Brave and a few days before Amazing Spiderman with The Dark Knight Rises breathing down the backs too, but that’s the summer  it’s always crowded.Be Honest Paramount you don’t like the final product, when films get pushed there is problems its common knowledge as it happens too often, 3D a poor reason. I recently saw the first film fully hated it with a passion, sadly what passion I had to give G.I JOE RETALIATION a chance has now disappeared and I know I wont be alone on that view.

I think the Rock may need to go back to the WWE earn Paramount some more pennies as Superbowls are not cheap to advertise at!

source: Deadline

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