Forget Neil Armstrong, The Nazi’s Are Coming Enjoy The IRON SKY Playlist!

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In 1945 the Nazis left for the moon, now they’re coming back. Finally today IRON SKY Hits the UK&Ireland thankfully not for the Revolver One Day only release now the film will be playing in cinemas for a few days more (full list of whose playing the movie).Unfortunately we missed the press preview  but what we’ve been hearing from those who have seen it, Iron Sky is a fun, care free as in do anything for a laugh, you could say its the naked gun of 21st century!

Iron Sky is a dark science fiction comedy that takes place in the year 2018, when the Nazis, who fled the Earth to the dark side of the Moon in 1945, return to claim the Earth. The film is Finnish-German-Australian co-production with a budget of 7.5 million euros. It’s directed by Timo Vuorensola and produced by Tero Kaukomaa (Blind Spot Pictures), Samuli Torssonen (visual effects producer, Energia), Oliver Damian (27 Films), Cathy & Mark Overett (New Holland Pictures), and San Fu Maltha as the executive producer.

The cast includes Julia Dietze (11⁄2 Ritter), Götz Otto (Schindler’s List, The Downfall), Christopher Kirby (The Matrix Reloaded & Revolutions, Daybreakers, Space: Above and Beyond), Udo Kier (Dogville, Dancer in the Dark), Peta Sergeant (Satisfaction), Stephanie Paul (Separation City, Film School Confidential) and Tilo Prückner (The Neverending Story, Die Fälscher), and the screenplay is written by the acclaimed sci-fi writer Johanna Sinisalo (Nebula Award nominee 2009, Finlandia 2000) and Michael Kalesniko (Private Parts). The film will be completed in December 2011 and the world sales is handled by Stealth Media Group.

If you missed all the fun of the promotion, don’t despair as below we’ve been sent the Iron Sky playlist from our friends at Upbeat who had the privilege of being the only UK crew invited to Finland recently where we attended this eagerly awaited film’s premiere, visited the FX house and spoke to the filmmakers and cast.  The playlist features an array of  Iron Sky video goodie including the  trailer, Upbeat’s  premiere report, behind-the-scenes interviews and clips from the film.

Iron Sky is an limited release and if you don’t live near one of the cinema’s showing the film, it will be released on DVD and Blu-ray (+ Digital Copy)