David Croneberg’s COSMOPOLIS UK Trailer & Poster Arrives!

We might not be able to attend the great film festival but we just love Cannes as it settles alot of questions such as when films will come to UK and today Entertainment One have answered one of those questions. This afternoon the film distributor has just sent us the first trailer and Poster for David Cronenberg’s COSMOPOLIS based on Don DeLillo’s cult novel, the  film stars Robert Pattinson as a millionaire  who embarks in a strange 24 hour crusade around New York City.

The film marks Cronenberg’s return to surreal films after  several grittier flicks and  as the saying goes never judge a book by it’s cover  apart from Dangerous Method which was probably the director’s most straight forward film. Cosmopolis starts as a straight forward film of R-Pattz looking for a haircut but throw in crazy journey of sex, drugs, shooting hands, giant rats and possible end of the world, but this is in Cronenberg’s hands who’ll give it his unique trademark touch  and probably help the lead star move quickly from his emo vampire connections.The new trailer is only 30 seconds long and echo’s Gaspar Noe’s Enter The Void opening credits, a little more toned down than previous teasers we’ve seen the as for the poster in the traditional UK Quad format the colours mathc the trailer using the setting of Pattinson sitting in the limo as the world collapses outside. .

Nothing new as in new footage however we do love what we’re seeing as this is a David Cronenberg film and a film we didn’t expect to see until later in the year but now the summer view has now just got better! Cosmopolis will arrive in UK &Ireland June 15th, no word on a USA release,  date the film also stars Sarah Gadon, Kevin Durand, Jay Baruchel, Samantha Morton, Juliette Binoche, Paul Giamatti, and Mathieu Amalric

New York is in turmoil, the age of capitalism is drawing to a close and Eric Packer, a high finance golden boy is chauffeured across the city in his extravagant limousine to get a haircut. A visit from the President of the United States paralyses Manhattan and as the day goes by, an eruption of wild activity unfolds on the city’s streets. Eric watches helplessly as his empire collapses and as his paranoia intensifies during the 24-hour period, he starts to piece together clues that lead him to a most terrifying secret: his imminent assassination.