First Clip For Ben Wheatley’s Cannes Bound SIGHTSEERS

First Clip For Ben Wheatley’s Cannes Bound SIGHTSEERS

The American’s couldn’t get enough of it, The British critics adored it however at The Peoples Movies (& Cinehouse) we we’re left confused scratching our heads so how can Ben Wheatley follow up Kill List with? SIGHTSEERS! Kill List you would put under the category of ‘mindf**k’ as it did play tricks on the mind for Sightseers Wheatley has promised a more ‘lighthearted affair’ but when it comes from film makers whose filmography not renowned for been lighthearted you’ll know the tone will still be not far off what we expect.

Sightseers tells the story of two holidaymakers (Steve Oram and Alice Lowe ) who head to the British countryside for a healthy dose of fresh air for a few days but gradually over time the pair are pushed over the edge.

Sightseers is heading to Cannes which is to be the setting for the films World Premier, below we have a clip which shows the holidaymakers in the middle of a heated argument with a rambler which really shows off the dark humour we can expect from the film. The tension is certainly going to be here which you can sample in the clip and the improvisation from the characters does help this clip and potentially a better looking film too. It might not Kill List however we do expect a few nasty surprises to come as this wouldn’t be a proper Ben Wheatley film if they didn’t but lets hope Sightseers leave us with more frustration.

Sightseers is expected to be released sometime in 2012 Studiocanal are dealing with the UK&Irish release don’t be surprised if the film arrives late summer and will play August’s Film 4 Frightfest. If your heading to Cannes it will be part of the Directors fortnight, Sightseers is also executive produced by Edgar Wright.


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