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“Catch .44” is a film by no name director Aaron Harvey who clearly wants to be Tarantino. The film was released directly to dvd/blu-ray but did have a limited release in the States it seems. I never even heard of the film until I was offered the chance to review it.

The story involves this 3 girls who are on a mission from their boss Mel (Bruce Willis) to intercept some drugs. Forest Whittaker shows up and it becomes a Mexican standoff. The girls clearly are based on the 3 girl personas in Tarantino’s subpar Death Proof and it just falls flat. The characters are just two-dimensional though out with Bruce Willis and Forest Whittaker trying to put some life into but they can’t even safe this film. Oh and the always wonderful Brad Dourif is in but utterly wasted as a policeman who stumbles on the aftermath of the Mexican Standoff.

It’s got a poorly done fractured storyline ala. “Pulp Fiction”. Harvey is no Tarntino and it just feels forced and makes he film even more boring than it already is and it’s like 90 minutes. The Dialogue is poor Tarantino pseudo post-modern bullshit. There is a particularly cringe worthy scene where the 3 girls put on a cassette of Bruce Willis’ infamously awful album The Return of Bruno. Forest Whittaker has a totally bizarre accent near the end: which sounds like Mexican meets South African or something.

On a plus side the film actually has a pretty good soundtrack featuring The Sweet, David Bowie and The Raveonettes. However this is only a small observation and not even that saves this clunker. Bruce Willis, Forest Whittaker and Brad Dourif must have had a mortgage to pay or something to sign up for this or maybe the fact Bruce Willis’ brother is a producer. It’s pretty awful but I’ve certainly seen worst.

Ian Schultz

UK DVD/BD Release Date: 28 May 2012
Director:Aaron Harvey
Cast:Malin Akerman, Brad Dourif, Bruce Willis, Forest Whitaker
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