“3D My Arse!” Real Reasons For G.I JOE RETALIATION Surfacing And It’s Not 3D!

Let’s be honest G.I JOE RETALIATION Looks a stupid but fun film, but just because the film maybe stupid doesn’t mean the film fans are and last week’s bombshell of the movie been delayed due to 3D conversion we know was a great dirty lie from Paramount was nothing but slippery. In a era when film studio’s believe all film fans want 3D movies without actually asking us, 3D has been getting more and more negative with many cinephiles, in UK many cinema chains will only show films in 3D or show very very limited 2D hence it looks better in Europe as some websites are reporting. Well according to Deadline it’s not about 3D it seems the delay of G.I Joe 2 is virtually confirming the film is bad!

As we’ve said here before a trailer is to sell a film, to convince us all to go and see it and when you go bang! It’s terrible Suckerpunch is a perfect example or go back to the original G.I Joe we should have have known. Despite Dwayne Johnson tweeting to a fan recently that the delay was due to “Designing new scenes to enhance 3D,” Re-shoots early test screenings to focus groups rating the film from mediocre to poor. so instead of letting the film be a lamb for slaughter by letting the film be released on its original date the film was pulled so Paramount can attempt to salvage some dignity be re-shooting some of the scenes as well as more scenes but with who?

Channing Tatum. If you have been following the trailers, clips, spots it’s a little obvious that Tatum who plays Duke wasn’t going to be in the film for long and with 2012 been a great year for him on a acting level something had to be done. His early rapport with Roadblock (Johnson) seemed to go down well with the fans. There was an argument if Duke was really killed off and was just injured but as nothing was ever confirmed or denied Deadline say more scenes with Duke and Roadblock have been shot building on their relationship. It makes sense as Tatum has had the good year despite the early cries of too much. Haywire he was a good support act, 21 Jump Street I haven’t seen but what I heard he surprised many that he actually had some comedy acting chops, even The Vow did well at the box office and with Magic Mike coming soon things can only get better for the actor.

I can’t speak for outside Europe but the assumption of 3D is popular meaning more successful is a great myth only hyped by the fact cinemas in UK many will restrict a release to 3D only or very limited 2D( 2-3 screenings 2d compared to 6-7 3D screenings a day). 3D will bring more $$$ but how much more we don’t know.G,I Joe is potentially still a fun no brainer , so the pressure is on Paramount to deliver, so they hope the re-shoots will do the job. They say post conversion 3D will only be $5million but re-shoots, new scenes potentially more, but looking at the vast amounts of money they wasted promoting this film in advertising (which is now onto advertising buses, bus shelters, train stations, etc…), so the question is, has the damaged been done  will cinephiles get excited about this when it arrives March 2013? Only time will tell.

source Deadline