Win Win Win! Competition Round Up

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I do hope your having a good weekend, hopefully a film filled one or at least a chilled out one to refresh the batteries for another hectic week at work,home,school or university. What better way to top of the weekend by entering a competition to win some film theme goodies? Every Sunday when we have prizes to be won  we’ll post a competition round up with details what can be won, possibly whose won, maybe future prizes. All the links are below with details what you can win so please spread the word, tweet them, facebook them post  them on comp website, all help is appreciated it and thanks to those who do it already.

The People’s Movies and Cinehouse we may not be the biggest film sites in the world but we hope to be one of sites you recognize not just for the film posts but the prizes. We do have a team of reviewers which I’m grateful for but majority of posts, comps, etc…. will be myself and if I think the comp is a great prize or one worth running I will run it so help us with the exposure, more you do that better chance of bigger better prizes,! So what can still be won? Check out the links below and after read the important information especially on what email to enter and always check the deadline date as there’s still people entering competitions from 2011!

Thanks for your support!


The Peoples Movies
Life Is Beautiful Blu Ray – *Deadline 22nd April (2359hrs) * Tonight! 

Headhunters Bundle – Deadline 29th April (2359hrs)

The Ledge Blu Ray – Deadline 29th April (2359hrs)

National Lampoon’s Dirty Movie DVD & T-Shirt – Deadline 6th May (2359hrs)

Recoil on DVD – Deadline 6th May (2359hrs)

Tickets To SAFE UK Premiere – Deadline 24th April (2359hrs)

Win Marley Hessian Movie Poster – Deadline 1st May (2359hrs)

Tickets to UK PIGGY Premiere – Deadline 26th April (2359hrs)

Cinehouse UK
The Adopted on DVD – *Deadline 22nd April (2359hrs)*

Il Boom On DVD – Deadline 29th April (2359hrs)

Under African Skies Tickets (Sundance London) – Deadline 24th April (1200hrs)
I’ve split the competitions into what website is promoting for a reason. We sometimes promote the same competition on both sites, so please look at email to send the comp and before you decide to enter both as only one comp entry will count.