Watch:Ken Loach’s THE ANGEL’S SHARE Trailer

When it comes to social satire in British film there’s no one better than the veteran British film maker Ken Loach.Never falling foul to the greed of $$$ in Hollywood opting instead bringing a brand of social realism that no other director has been able to match (at least in UK). You could say he is like Woody Allen, his films are a annual celebration (or every 2 years for loach)rarely criticised by the critics loved by his peers and 2012 it’s time for another Ken Loach film and today we have the film’s first trailer, THE ANGEL’S SHARE.

We head north of the border to Scotland a film starring  newcomer Paul Brannigan alongside  Roger Allam (V For Vendetta) and John Henshaw (Looking For Eric), William Ruane , Gary Maitland with Loach regular collaborator Paul Laverty scripting. Some are calling this the ‘Scottish Full Monty’  which it could be, but it does seem to have the charm,humour, drama,moving moments to suggest it could be that. Brannigan plays Robbie  a ex-offender trying to get on his feet again and provide a better life for his son. Whilst on community service at a local whiskey distillery Robbie may have found the answers to a better life in a financial sense.

When this trailer was sent over to The Peoples Movies HQ it brought back memories as this film was shot mostly in Glasgow which is very close to The People’s Movies HQ and yours truly might be in this film. During the winter on my to the football in the east end of the city the film was shooting on the street I was walking through, I was stopped they asked If I didn’t mind walking through what I was doing and of course I agreed! So when can you see my on-screen cameo? June 1st

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