VOTD: Watch The Art Of Film And TV Design

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Back in 2000 I went to Salford University to study BA (Hons) Graphic Design it was then I found my love again for all things film and the passion has grown ever since. 12 years on I may not be working in design but I still have an eye for good design and this is sometimes one element of a film that attracts me to certain films. I know I’m not alone in this way of thinking sometimes watching a film’s opening credits if they are designed in a positive way it usually sets up my enjoyment of the film I’m watch (or at least until the film starts and it’s why did i buy A ticket for this!). Below is this fantastic 6 minute documentary  plus video called “The Art Of Film And TV Design” which a few of the industries designers talk about the art of designing the title graphics for the small and big screens.

The credits are often the first thing we see when we watch a great film or TV show, but the complexity and artistry of title design is rarely discussed. Creators of title sequences are tasked to invent concepts that evoke the core story and themes of the production, and to create a powerful visual experience that pulls the viewer into the film’s world. In this episode we hear the stories of some of the most inventive people working in the field, including the creators of the iconic Mad Men sequence, the hilarious Zombieland opening and “rules” sequences, and the stirring end credits from Blue Valentine.

Check out the video now.

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