19 April 2024

Shia LaBeouf Won’t be Returning To Transformers But Writer Ehren Kruger is .

The thoughts of those robots in disguise Transformers showing any potential improvement for Transformers 4  will probably go out the window with the news that writer Ehren Kruger returning to write the fourth film. THR  are reporting Kruger the writer for Transformers:Revenge of The Fallen and also involved in Dark of The Moon will be returning to write the rebooted franchise.

Paramount’s President of Production Adam Goodman confirmed Kruger is back onboard but also confirming the on off rumour maybe Shia LeBeouf may make a U-Turn like director Michael will NOT happen as the actor is not returning.

The story is going in a different direction now. Ehren Kruger [who wrote the past two Transformers movies] is writing it for us, and we’re starting to engage, but I can’t say anything more.” says Goodman

With this looking like a reboot that would suggest that none of the original cast will return but the burning question is what tone and direction will the film possibly take? With Kruger back in the frame the idea of a darker , grittier version of Transformer will probably go out the window think more action less crappy unfunny jokes but will this mean a script with more holes than a slice of Emmental cheese.

As for other rumours with no sam whitwicky  to be in film 4, it could result in the film getting a view more from the robots rather than the film coming from a robots point of view.It will make the film more interesting  but doesn’t mean the film will be any better.

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