Mel Gibson Joins MACHETE KILLS, Robert Rodriguez To Direct

Mr Motormouth Mel Gibson hasn’t been doing himself a lot of favors the past few weeks loosing himself potential jobs limiting or even preventing him getting any future jobs. We can all agree he is a very passionate man however his views are not always the views shared with others  which is getting him into trouble so he’ll be hoping How I Spent My Summer Vacation will get a few people back on his side. Last week we learned about Machete Kills is about to start filming and Rodriguez was hoping to have a big names in his follow up to his Grindhouse homage with 2 names mentioned Michelle Wiliams and Mel Gibson mentioned, now it looks like the latter is in talks to join the cast.

Deadline are reporting the troubled star is in line to take up a supporting role which will help Gibson but like previous films he’ll probably have to learn to keep his views to himself and work diplomatically with his fellow cast. Machete Kills will see Danny Trejo return as Machete recruited by The U.S Government sent into Mexico to hunt down a weapons dealer  who plans to launch a destructive rocket . Those characters still alive Rodriguez will be hoping to get back most of the film’s original cast  possibly also Michelle Williams but that rumour has stalled a little but with Sin City 2 starting to move Machete Kills cast could be alot smaller possibly mixing.

In a recent interview with Heat Vision the film maker updated us on his schedule that he’ll direct Machete Kills himself especially as he loves the new script however if the film finishes shooting after Sint City 2 starts he may bring in a second director. Here’s what he said…

Currently I am directing it, but we’re checking to see if there’s going to be the need for another director if I have to go off and do Sin City. I wasn’t sure what the timing on Sin City was or if I would have to step off to do Sin City at a certain point, depending on when Machete went. But Machete looks like it’s going to go pretty quickly so it’s possible that I will direct the whole thing. There’s so much of it that I want to direct I’ll probably end up directing the whole thing. But if I have to step off, I’m going to try and shoot all of the actors and all of the main sequences. But it’s such a fun movie, and it just came out even more fun than I could have imagined. I feel like I really need to do it. It’s so subjective I feel like I really need to get in there and do it. It’s just a lot of fun; it’s a really cool concept, and I think it takes it to another level in a way that’s compelling for me to go and do it myself.

Mel Gibson will be next in UK&Irish cinemas from May 11th in How I Spent My Summer Vacation.