LOOPER Full Trailer Coming Thursday, Now Be Teased A Teaser Of Teaser

In the words of one of my favourite bands Fishbone “now those days are gone”, the days are gone when an announcement of a big film’s trailer coming in so many days was exciting building a buzz about a film and that was that until the trailer arrived. It got people interested, curious to check out but now 99% times studios post teasers of the upcoming trailer actually spoiling the fun however this new trend may not be popular, sometimes when they arrive they are worth a look like in Rian Johnson’s LOOPER.

This ‘3 day’ preview trailer plays more like a featurette making it worth a look especially for the nice introduction from Joseph Gordon Levitt and director Rian Johnson who both give a brief synopsis of the film whilst we see glimpses of new footage. JGL also chats about his character and mentions the 3 hour process on the make up chair to look like a younger Bruce Willis, JGL is Bruce Willis? Yes! Looper is a sci-fi tale which assassins are able to travel through time to take out their targets, but what if your sent by the mob 30 years into the past to kill a target you just happens to be you? Yipee Kai Yah!

It’s great to see Bruce Willis head back into familiar territory in time travelling like he was in the brilliant Twelve Monkeys, plus having one of the hottest young actors in the business with Joseph Gordon Levitt playing your younger self what more reasons do you need to check this one out? 3days to go or as this teaser was released late last night Stateside which means 2 days until LOOPER trailer will be with us, so stay tuned here at The Peoples Movies for that upcoming trailer.The film also stars also stars Emily Blunt, Jeff Daniels, Paul Dano.

So is 2012 going to be the Year of the Sci-Fi film?

source Traileraddict