“Let’s Do Headcount” In New AVENGERS ASSEMBLE Clip ,TV Spot&Featurette

As we creep closer to the release of AVENGERS ASSEMBLE Marvel pump up our adrenalin levels by releasing more goodies to make sure on April 26th we will be heading to our local cinemas to see Joss Whedon’s blockbuster.

First up we have 90 second clip from MarvelUK called ‘Let’s Do Headcount’ which has Iron Man and Loki (Robert Downey Jr & Tom Hiddleston) share a few words on who will win the war between them. Loki may have an Army but as Iron Man or as in this clip Tony Stark points out The Avengers have The Hulk, which is quite funny in the way he belts it out to Loki who finds it slightly amusing. Under that we have a TV Spot which was released online late last night, called ‘Isolated’ which shows off some bits of new footage, especially of Agent Fury (Samuel L Jackson) telling Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) the Avengers are “These people are isolated…. unbalanced,” he begins, “but together, they can become something more.” In the final goodie we have a new featurette from Totalfilm which sees some of the films main cast Scarlett Johansson, Robert Downey Jr  and Director Joss Whedon chatting about the upcoming film.

Some are saying today With Battleship is the start of the Summer Blockbusters, think again April 26th Avengers Assemble Summer truly begins!