Gary Ross Not Directing The Hunger Games:Catching Fire

Gary Ross Not Directing The Hunger Games:Catching Fire

It was only a few hours ago we learned about Lionsgate and Fox dishing out a deal to let Jennifer Lawrence to star in both X-Men:First Class sequel and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and despite brining in $400million worldwide so far at the box office Lionsgate may have their lead actress sorted now they need a new director.

After tense negotiations The Playlist  are reporting The Hunger Games which is on course to be one of the biggest franchise box office smash as Ross “has officially exited the franchise” . The site attempted to reach out to Lionsgate for an reaction and they haven’t replied  suggesting that Ross actually left earlier in the week and that the studio have been working on how to officially announce the news.

Money seems to be the apparent reason however to many that is only a rumour, many seeing the directors reason simply down to been a filmmaker to repeat similar films or doing follow ups and not spending the next 3 or 4 years in Panem. What many are saying that Gary Ross has an unnamed project under wraps which he believes potentially get him a bigger payday than working on Catching Fire. When you look at Ross career as director, writer he has been involved in many great films money isn’t really a issue for him though if a low pay offer was offered it might still have had a effect on his decision, just the fact he likes to do something different each time.

When the news becomes official we’ll let you know but with Catching Fire due to start filming this September a director will need to be put in place so he or she can put their own stamp onto the film, who it will be we have no clue just yet. If I was to look at directors with post apocalyptic experience, Spanish director of Children Of Men, Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban Alfonso Cuaron could be a good choice bring that dark edge to the film  especially as the audience target of the franchise is slightly older than Harry Potter one (yes both franchise have varied age fans). So any suggestions? Thoughts on the news leave them in the comments box.

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