Between Two Ferns Heading To Comedy Central Channel

Just as ‘Between Two Ferns’ was about to drop out of existence of your  brain  it just pops up just in in time, so it’s been nearly 1 year since we had a webisode surely it’s time for a new episode? Yes of course but it’s not going to be on the old t’internet but television! The popular Funny or Die comedy web series which is hosted between two ferns by Zach Galifianakis will air a 30 minute episode on America’s Comedy Central Channel before next months Comedy awards titled Bewteen Two Ferns:A Fairytale in New York. The news was announced by Scott Aunkerman via his Comedy Bang Bang podcast (via Vulture) and it will be one off episode however history tells if things go well for it could end up been more.

We were late coming into the popular series based around one of those thousands of ‘public access’ channels American tv has which has Galifianakis interviewing  celebs with obscure and at times embarrassing questions.Everyone from Ben Stiller, Steve Carell, Jennifer Aniston, Michael Cera, Charlize Theron with Will Ferrell been the last guest to appear on the show (off course all part of the joke too). If your a fan of the actor you will be used to his brand of comedy, if not you have to watch them a few times as they are simply funny! John Ham, Tina Fey and Sir Richard Branson will be Zach’s victims for this special and let’s hope his cousin seth turns up because if he does it will be chaos! but in a funny way!!!

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