Competition Round Up : 29th April 2012


Another weekend is nearly over so why not enjoy the last few hours of the weekend by entering one of the many comps we have running here at The Peoples Movies as well as our little brother site at Cinehouse, So have you entered? If No below are the links to the competitions, so are ending tonight at midnight (highlighted in red), Good luck!


The Peoples Movies

Headhunters Bundle – *Deadline 29th April (2359hrs)

The Ledge Blu Ray – *Deadline 29th April (2359hrs)*

Win Marley Hessian Movie Poster – *Deadline 1st May (2359hrs)*

National Lampoon’s Dirty Movie DVD & T-Shirt – Deadline 6th May (2359hrs)

Recoil on DVD – Deadline 6th May (2359hrs)

Irvine Welsh’s Esctacy Books & Signed Poster – Deadline 13th May (2359hrs)

Damsels In Distress Soundtracks – Deadline May 20th (2359hrs)


Il Boom On DVD – *Deadline 29th April (2359hrs)*

Freud & The Execution of Private Slovik on dvd – Deadline 13th May

How To Enter/E-mails

The People’s Movies and Cinehouse will run their own separate competitions and so to enter, follow the instructions  (i:e the email relevant to that competition) but there is times we share comps. When this does happen you must check the correct email, only one entry per comp, so if you enter via both sites, only one entry will be and if you enter comp via wrong email, this could count as void.


We’ll try email when possible the winners of competitions, sometimes the suppliers of the competition will contact directly,as for the prizes themselves 99% of the time will come directly from the supplier occasionally from myself. Here every Sunday ill post confirmed winners names also over at our facebook including clues when comp entries are getting a little silly or all entries are wrong the previous week. Here’s some winners details:

Well done to The Adopted winners Jean Merchant, Dorothy Merrett and Laura Banks your prizes have been sent out from myself so you should have the dvds by now or in the next few days. The Sniper prizes have been sent out yesterday  and tomorrow Alison Sherwood, Sarah Sutherland and vivien baird your Life Is Beautiful prizes will be in The post. Yesterday I received the Il Boom DVD’s so they’ll be coming from myself